Speech Language Pathology Services

Our vast array of speech and language services for children include:

Speech Limited Evaluation

Assessment of speech production skills (oral motor skills, articulation skills, phonological skills) and/or of fluency skills

Speech and Language Full Evaluation

A full assessment of language skills (receptive, expressive, pragmatic) and of speech production skills

Speech and Language Extended Evaluation

An additional assessment that could include evaluation of pre-reading or reading skills, written language skills, figurative language, executive functioning skills, or more, depending upon need



Speech Language Consultation -

A private meeting with parents or parents and their child  to discuss topics such as their child's current diagnosis, strengths and needs,  review IFSP or IEP, previous evaluations, current goals and objectives etc., and to discuss a treatment plan



Assistive Technology Evaluation-

An assessment of the child’s functional communication skills using low or high tech technology, including (but not limited to) picture communication, sign language and speech generating devices

Individual Therapy

Private, one-on-one sessions, usually lasting either 30 or 60 minutes, during which agreed upon goals and objectives are addressed



Group Therapy

Therapy sessions that last 6090 minutes in which 2 or more children with similar goals and objectives work together with a clinician



Facilitated Play Groups

Group time for toddlers and preschoolers led by a speech and language pathologist , occupational therapist or both depending upon the needs of the group participants.
Facilitated play group sessions are typically 60 or 90 minutes and include structured group activities, free play activities and a snack.
The goal of a facilitated play group is to improve a child’s social/peer interactions, play, and communication skills as well as to address specific needs in the areas of language, feeding, sensory processing, and / or fine motor skills. 



Social Skills/Pragmatic Language Groups

–Groups of 2 or more in a therapy session designed to promote appropriate pragmatic language and social skills including personal space, taking turns, topic maintenance, conflict resolution, self regulation, making appropriate choices and making friends.  These 60 or 90 minutes sessions are lead by a speech language pathologist and occupational therapist or social worker, depending upon the specific goals and objectives of the group participants.

PLUS… We offer Offsite Speech and Language Screenings.

  We’ll come to your day care center, school, church, etc. to conduct speech and language screenings to identify students who may benefit from an evaluation, therapy or classroom strategies.  
Early intervention is critical, so the sooner parents become aware of a potential challenge, the sooner they can be addressed.